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The Doyle Building, aka 4331 North 12th Street, is a 2,100 square feet, single-level, mid-century modern office building designed by award-winning architect Gerald A. Doyle, located in Phoenix’s downtown-midtown-uptown urban core, just minutes from the “Golden Corner” of 24th Street & Camelback, Camelback Corridor, Downtown Phoenix, Sky Harbor International Airport and numerous Valley hotspots, including: Postino WineCafe, Oregano’s, St. Francis, Windsor, Little Cleo’s at The Yard, Culinary Dropout at The Yard, Taco Guild and Starbucks at Old School 07.

The Doyle At Midtown is a mid-century modern single-story office building located in Midtown Phoenix, one half mile south of Camelback Road along 12th Street allowing easy access to Biltmore Fashion Park, the Camelback Corridor, the valley freeway system and numerous employers. The property is adjacent to the Grand Canal, which many people utilize for recreation, including running and biking.

Built in 1973, The Doyle was remodeled in 2014 and updated again in 2019 and 2022, by, We Buy Phoenix Apartments, a Valley real estate developer specializing in revitalizing properties in the mature neighborhoods of Central Phoenix. The Doyle is a freestanding office building with a flat roof and combination frame/stucco and exposed steel beam construction. The unit mix is comprised of 3 separate but interconnected suites, including 2 suites of approximately 500 square feet and 1 suite of approximately 1,100 square feet. The property includes 10 surface parking spaces. Disclosure: Owner/Agent.


Restore the Midtown Phoenix area mid-century modern office building to its former glory with high-end contemporary finishes inside, new landscaping, and exterior updates. Property is being held for long-term investment.









4331 N 12th St, Phoenix, AZ 85014 | The Doyle Building | Vestis Group 4331 N 12th St, Phoenix, 4331 N 12th St, Phoenix, AZ 85014 4331-4-101-Bar-20 4331-5-Front-TW-3 4331-6-101-Kitchen 4331-7-Aerial-4 4331-8-101-lounge-25 4331-9-Aerial-5 4331-10-101-lounge-27 4331-12-101-Office-2 4331-13-Front 4331-14-101-office-3 4331-15-Back-Patio-8 4331-16-101-office 4331-17-Front-Courtyard-9 4331-18-101-print-room- 4331-19-Back-Yard-10 4331-20-101-Restroom-23 4331-21-Front-Courtyard-11 4331-22-102-Lobby-32 4331-23-Back-Yard-12 4331-24-102-Office-35 4331-31-Front-16 4331-32-103-Office-37 4331-25-Front-Courtyard-13 4331-26-102-Restroom-33 4331-27-Back-Patio-14 4331-28-102-Storage-Room 4331-29-Front-Courtyard 4331-30-103-Lobby-35 4331-34-103-Restroom




   Mid-Century Modern Office Space In Midtown Phoenix AZ Phoenix Waterfront Office Space in Midtown Phoenix Arizona

Suite 101 (Previously 102)


Suite 102 (Previously 101-B)


Suite 103 (Previously 101-A)



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